Want to stand out from the rest? Aerial shots provide a unique perspective, grabbing attention and directing it right to your company. They also look pretty darn cool.


I've been editing video for almost 20 years. I've done it for lots of clients, including well-known TV shows and various agencies and businesses.


Do you want to create some video content for TV, streaming or social media? I can help!


Drone photography and videos offer a different perspective that will make people looking at your social media accounts and websites stop and take notice. It's especially great if you have a business where a higher angle is needed to really show off something you can't see from the ground. Technology is now here (in the form of drones) that makes it possible to do this with a high end camera and some serious style.


New Providence, NJ  07974 | brian@davoland.com | Tel: 908-517-3286

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